Direct To Consumer Marketing Is A Process, Compelling The Formation Of Associative Memory Images.

The intention, is to initiate product/service awareness leading to curiosity with the ultimate goal of a consumer’s acquisition or use.

Our days are shaped, framed and defined through received combinations of sensory stimulation, some so subtle you don’t notice them, while others are in your face profound, all internalized as defining experience.

The unique components when replayed assist to stimulate recalled memory.

We build and provide that unique associative identifier to help your consumer remember and fondly recall your message and your product.

Communicating Your Business Making Your Business Better Is Our Business

We take ideas, the components needed for forming and creating effective communication, along with unique associative markers and assemble them in interesting, recognizable and memorable ways.

The difficulty isn't installing the stove, the challenge is telling the story, communicating who you are, what you do and why I need it.

We know how to tie together disparate ideas and resources weaving them into deliverable and memorable messages scaled to your needs.

Effective communication is developed by people who know and can figure out what to do next.

We are those people.

Though marketing indentifies and addresses the group, effective marketing speaks to you, the individual.

adptcm - Direct To Your Consumer

You can trust us to do the job for you

We’re an integrated Graphics/Printing/Media outsourcing company, with 30+ years in
Direct To Consumer Communication
making us the right choice to help deliver your message to market.

We Listen
Utilizing feedback, dialogue and synthesis,
we will dynamically modify your communications' parameters to improve message performance delivering materials that easily communicate to your audience.

Whether your requirements are to be in the mail, on the web or have a distribution of printed goods delivered in the morning, we are prepared to fulfill those needs.

We Deliver, Where It Counts

Making The Business Of Your Business Better
And your lifestyle, too!

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